…In a recent report published by the United Kingdom’s Crown Prosecution Service, it was found that a mere 35 out of 5,651 or 0.6% women falsely accused men of rape, and only 6 women out of 111,891 or 0.005% falsely accused a man of domestic violence during the 17-month-long study…

…Why is the study significant? Well, for starters, the low number of false accusations helps to undermine the myth that women are vindictive shrews who will lie about an act of sexual violence in order to get revenge on a man who treats them poorly, didn’t call after a one night stand, or breaks up with them. One of the easiest ways for rape apologists to turn the tables on a sexual violence survivor who files criminal charges against her assailant is to exaggerate the prevalence of false rape allegations or attack the survivor’s credibility.

I’m all for statistics, but the problem with this is it’s all polled from the United Kingdom, where Rape Culture isn’t as heavy of a thing as it is in the United States, so it doesn’t accurately represent the demographic where Vitchers (the author, for those of you who missed it), is presumably writing about, whether or not it covers the whole world. 

One set of data may not accurately represent one culture vs. another. 

That’s my opinion.

Wait wait wait. 

First off, this is a great and enlightening article and should be read. 

But where the fuck do you come off saying “… the United Kingdom, where Rape Culture isn’t as heavy of a thing … “? BULLSHIT.

Also, Vitchers says nothing in the article about applying these statistics to the US, nor does her profile even place her anywhere near the US, so there’s no reason to think this has anything to do with the US at all.

Your opinion is wrong, and you should feel wrong. 


I come off saying that because her profile on policymic has her location listed as New York, NY, USA (

Second, fine, I can’t speak for the UK’s rape culture. But I can speak for the United States and what I can speak for is that statistics from one country may not necessarily be true for another. It’s implied that she’s applying it to the world which includes the United States. Even the most recent comment as of today was discussing that she can’t apply one country’s statistics to the world. 

Third, she’s a US based writer, therefore it can be assumed that most of her interests lie with US policies and other US Issues, of which women’s rights and rape is one of them. So I can assume that she’s writing about it. 

I never downplayed the message of her article, nor did I disprove it, I simply wrote my opinion warning about using data from a different demographic to represent an entirely different demographic. That would be tantamount to taking standardized English tests from Oklahoma and applying the results to California. 

To inject a third party perspective here: What do you actually hope to gain with this information, the reason why false claims are low is because there has to be evidence to prove it happened, that’s where most false claims would stop, because unless they could also manufacture a very strong case, all they could do by false claims is damage reputation.